Made in Japan brand "Baumkuchen Oven"             provided by Y-Works

If you come up with a great new idea of baumkuchen, you won’t bake the prototype right now? If you want to do effective sales promotion activities of your baumkuchen, you won’t do the demonstrations which is baking it in front of customers? Our tabletop baumkuchen oven is pretty useful at these situations. It is portable and light weight. It is easy to use at outdoors since it has a high power gas burner. It takes only about 30 minutes to bake a roll of baumkuchen. If you have our tabletop baumkuchen oven, you could run what you want to try immediately.

We believe our tabletop baumkuchen oven will be a valuable addition to your shops, and that our machinery will lead to the efficient development of your own baumkuchen. We would really like to help you out.  If you are interested in our tabletop baumkuchen oven, feel free to ask us in anytime.

Wide Model (for demonstration)

Rolling pin :  600mm (L), 35 – 60mm (D)

Oven : Propane gas burner

Size (mm) : 1020 (W) x 600 (D) x 550(H)

Weight : 55Kg

Power-supply:  AC-input 100-125 VAC

Business Model (for business use)

Baumkuchen in Japan