What is Baumkuchen ? 

 Originating in Germany, Baumkuchen (literally translated as tree cake in English) is a spit cake with characteristic rings which resemble tree rings when sliced.


 Interestingly enough it is not easy to find in its mother country of Germany, but Baumkuchen gained popularity in Japan since it was first introduced to the country almost 100 years ago by a German confectioner. It is now widely available across the country but manufacturers are limited as it requires a special oven and skilled pastry chefs to make.



 Baumkuchen has long been chosen as a popular reciprocal gift, especially in return for a wedding gift due to its ring shapes. In recent years, more varieties of Baumkuchen have become available and people enjoy it not only as a gift, but as a snack or desert.


 Especially in Japan, a lot of Baumkuchens have been developed to suit the tastes of the Japanese people, making it a very popular snack. Click here for information on Baumkuchen in Japan.

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How to bake Baumkuchen

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